The technology the atomic bomb brought us is not dangerous. I know radiation is dangerous, but nuclear power is feasible. Humans are extremely smart. We are able to cope with these issues. Chernobyl was human caused, but it was a result of poor safeguarding. The reactor was in a factory type building. There was inadequate shielding, a meltdown was inevitable. The public should be enraged. For no reason this new phenomena dies down. Fukushima caused a huge uproar against nuclear power. People putting graffiti on reactor domes, and storming nuclear power plants is not necessary. A nuclear power plant got destroyed my a tsunami. Even if it was a bad choice to build the power plant at the coast, the situation could have been worse. No big city was evacuated and left like a post-apocalyptic city. People are still there, precautions are being taken, repairs are continuing. After these accidents, support diminished. But this support should come back. 1 atom generates so much power compared to a coal atom. We need this type of electricity in our society. With more electricity, we can sustain higher technology devices. Think about this the next time you say that you dont want to be blown up.