Only recently has nuclear power lost some of its association with nuclear weapons. Since almost all nuclear reactors were built during the Cold War, and Russia and the US were so absorbed in nuclear weapons, people tend to associate nuclear power with nuclear weapons. This causes them not to trust nuclear energy. But do they know that nuclear power remains the second most used source of energy in the US, even when the nuclear industry is slowly failing? Plus, nuclear energy has prevented the release of 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide in 60 years. And outside of the Soviet Union’s Carelessness,  not a single accident in the history of nuclear power has killed anyone, and there have only been 2 significant accidents in nuclear power when the world has 500 operational nuclear power plants. Now that Westinghouse and General Electric are out of the nuclear business, significant figures in society like Bill Gates have made significant investments in the nuclear business. And now, smaller businesses that have absolutely nothing to do with the Cold War are still making investments in nuclear power. So, should we really be ridiculing nuclear power when chances are you get your own electricity from it? Many of the people living near me (and including me) get their power from nuclear power plants, but continue to ridicule nuclear power. But Westinghouse going bankrupt marks a new nuclear age, where nuclear power is totally unrelated to nuclear weapons.


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