The Russian energy corporation Rosatom stated that the Busheshr Nuclear Power Plant started construction on March 14th, with the first reactor estimated to come online in 2024, and the second reactor coming online in 2026. This is all from a deal in 1992 from the governments of Iran and Russia. The deal produced the its first nuclear power plant in 2012, a year after the Fukushima incident. Speaking of Fukushima, the cleanup is going fine, with the marine environment not being contaminated with deadly amounts of radiation. I’m sure you doubt the safety of this site, but the area surrounding the site is not like a scene from Fallout 4 or some other stereotypical nuclear wasteland. It is, however, a tsunami zone, so there is a significant amount of damage not caused by the plant. I really hope that you will come to realize the true potential of nuclear power plants, and how much this world would be different without nuclear energy. Many developing countries need nuclear energy, and without it, they get frequent blackouts, and they certainly can’t use computers and phones as heavily as we do. What I mean is that you should appreciate what you have now, and be conscious about the future of energy. There are people working around the clock to make sure your home has power.


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