The FirstEnergy Company made it clear on Wednesday that they are exiting the power plant business. This includes shutting down or selling all power plants, including nuclear. High tech gas turbines proved to be less costly. Why should you care? ¬†Chances are you don’t know the nuclear plant in Akron is closing, and others.. The plant is worth less than it costs to maintain. Despite billions spent on the energy that was once “too cheap to meter”, Toshiba decided to take a huge loss by taking their nuclear reactor builders, Westinghouse, out of the construction business. Every accident seems to stop reactors from being built. Dozens of reactors were once soon to be registered, but only 4 are being completed. Westinghouse also would keep losing money if they continued to build reactors slowly and stopping all the time. Who knows? Maybe Trump will revive the crippled nuclear industry. Switzerland sure likes it!


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